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This is an original vintage "Stubai Aschenbrenner Führerpickel Ges. Gesch  / Made in Austria" (all engraved on the head). The axe is very good condition and the shaft is free of cracks, dents, or splinters. For some history, Peter Aschenbrenner was an Austrian Mountain Guide (1902-1998) who was involved in early expeditions to climb Nanga Parbat in the Himalya's.

More details

He developed an ice axe in the early 1930's and got the Stubai company to manufacture it for him.These axes became almost universal in the mountains from the mid 1930's right up to the 1960's when fibre-glass, metal and alloy shafted tools began to take over. There were many variations, some of which appear to have been custom made. Batches were made for German and Swiss mountain troops during WWII.

Year  : Late 1960's
Origin  : Austria (Stubai)
Material  : Wood, Metal
Size  : L 75 cm x 27 cm (Width of head)
Comments  : A true collectors item!