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SOLD - Antique EGBRA Parablocks

SOLD - Antique EGBRA Parablocks

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Remember these? They were the rage for about 2 seasons in the 70’s. They seemed to be a good idea at the time as one of the dangers of feet-together skiing was that of crossing the skis. Parablocks were mounted on the skis to prevent your skis from crossing. Unfortunately, if the skis did manage to cross, it was doubly difficult to get them uncrossed and back on track. 

More details

These « Savety-Spoiler N » were made by EGBRA in Germany sometime during the 1970’s. A few other brand names available back then were “Parablack” or “Profoil”.

Year  : 1970's
Origin  : Germany
Material  : Plastic
Size  : Base : W 7.5 cm H :7.0 cm
Comments  : Brand new!